FastGas 580g N2O Cream Charger

FastGas 580g N2O Cream Charger

Each Fastgas Cream Charger Tank contains 580g of pure food-grade nitrous oxide. Allows you to quickly and easily continuously charge the cream dispenser. All cylinders are equipped with pressure relief nozzles to fully release gas for easy recovery! 

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The Fastgas 580 Gram tank contains a lot of nitrous oxide. Fastgas has the advantages of being more efficient and safe than the traditional 8G cream charger 

– Fastgas cream is more effective and takes only half the time to whip. 

– Fastgas =85 Common Cream Charger to solve the problem of gas waste at the bottom of traditional Cream Charger. 

– Product rewards: pressure regulators, configurators, filled hoses 

– Quality is the most important! The Fastgas has been pressure-tested at 165 bar, is 100% leak-free, can be safely transported and used safely in kitchens and bars. 

– After purity testing, Fastgas can contains pure food grade N2O, guaranteed to be free of oil residues or industrial aftertaste. 

– Made of 100% recyclable steel. 

– It is universal to all whipped cream charger dispensers. 


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