Liss N2O Cream Chargers 600

Liss N2O Cream Chargers 600

LISS Cream Chargers x 600
  • Professional cream chargers with 8g of Nitrous Oxide, for use with Liss professional and home whippers; recyclable
  • Includes 600 pack of professional cream chargers in metallic color; each charger holds 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide; made from recycled steel
  • Whips up to 20% more yield with standard cream, and is the best choice for dairy alternatives, lower fat cream, coconut or other vegan choices for maximum yield; makes powerful rapid infusions
  • Each charger is electronically weighed and sealed for maximum consistent results; each charger includes a batch number for identification; 1 charger whips up to 1 pint of liquid cream

Additional information


600 X Chargers Liss Cream Chargers.

Universal Standard 8gm screw-in system, fitting, suitable for Mosa, iSi, Liss and all screw-in Cream Whippers.


Statement of Use Required for All New Customers.

Turns 1/2 litre of whipping cream to a maximum of 1.5 litres of whipped cream.

Made from 100% recyclable steel. Containing 8g of pure food grade N2O. For use with all standard cream whippers. Will turn half a litre of whipping cream into 1.5lt of perfectly whipped cream!


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