Smartwhip Cream Chargers 580g

Smartwhip Cream Chargers 580g

Each SmartWhip Cream Charger Tank contains 580g of pure food-grade nitrous oxide. Allows you to quickly and easily continuously charge the cream dispenser. All cylinders are equipped with pressure relief nozzles to fully release gas for easy recovery!

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580G whipped cream charger contains Fritus amounts of Nitrous Oxide. Compared to the traditional 8G cream charger, SmartWhip they have more efficiency safety advantage

–  Smartwhip whip cream more efficiently, and finish whipping just in half the time.

–  Smartwhip =85 normal cream charger, Solves the problem of gas waste at the bottom of the traditional cream charger.

–  Product bonus: pressure regulator, configurator, filling hose

–  We have the  professional design team  to help you complete the packaging design & customization, create your own brand.

–  quality are the main priorities! Passing quality and security test , 100% will not leak during use.

–  Guaranteed no oily residue or industrial aftertaste.

–  Made of 100% recyclable steel.

–  It is universal for all whipped cream charger dispenser.


The regulator:

The pressure regulator is your way to refill your cream whipper quick, easy and cheaper than regular cream chargers. With the pressure regulator you can set the needed pressure to get the best result for your pastries, desserts and other creamy things. The regulator shows the bottle pressure so you can see the working pressure and how much nitrous oxide E942 is left in your charger. The working pressure can be adjusted by the regulator button so you can decide yourself the amount of whipped cream youa re going to make.

The connector:

SmartWhip works with an adapter that fills the cream dispenser. The connector A 40-bar hose connects the pressure regulator and the adapter, this is where the gas flows through. Before the SmartWhip system can be used, the cream dispenser must have the adapter on it. You can find out how to connect the SmartWhip system properly on our website. Once the adapter is put in place, you can start whipping cream. Make sure you’re using the correct pressure and after a few seconds you’ll see the pressure drop and hear the gas flow through into the cream dispenser.


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